March 19, 2005

Great Expectations

I am off to the DFW airport to catch the flight that will put me on Salt Lake City Utah for the next week or so. I will be attending Novell BrainShare 2005. My employer Healthvision has sent me and although I confess that I was the one that really pushed to get them to send me, I know that there will be plenty of things that will help us achieve the many objectives that Healthvision has set for themselves in 2005.

There are many things that the company I work for has in common with Novell. We are now trying to get into a role of integration and facilitators for all facets of the health care industry. Mission objectives that relate to Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO) and Connected Communities are so akin to Standards based systems and Open Source Software community spirit. This from a company that like many other American companies have been for the most part in its history a closed source and product specific shop that has look at folks like Microsoft and Computer Associates for the bulk of its IT system software needs. We still do, and may continue to do so, but I have a felling that this coming week will prove very refreshing and full of new ideas and the revelation of exiting trends.

I am sure of this because the last time that I followed a hunch (ironically a year and 2 weeks ago), I met with my biggest infatuation since I learned about computers nineteen years ago. Project Mono! It has been a year now since I met Jackson Harper, Todd Berman, Paolo Molaro Sebastien Pouliot, Duncan Mak, Ben Maurer, Atsushi Enomoto, Massimiliano Mantione, Mike Kestner, Joseph Hill, Urs Muff, Gonzalo Paniagua, Lluis Sanchez, Martin Bauling, Erik Dasque and Peter Dennis Bartok.

If you have read this far and are semi interested, you will notice that I did not list a very special person. All of the folks that I mentioned above, met me and I met them face to face in the first Mono Developers Conference back in March 5, 2004. Some of them may not even remember me, and some have become very close friends with whom I speak almost on a daily basis for many months now.

Then there is Miguel de Icaza. I don't think that I have to convince anyone about the importance and impact that Miguel has had over the world of computing in the last decade. However, I feel that Miguel has influenced my thinking even beyond the matters of computer science. His sense of humor and his sharing of ideological topics as well as his take on global events have stimulated me and perhaps even made me a better person.

So maybe you get what all of my anticipation for this trip is all about. I don't know if after this trip the rest of my year will change as dramatically as the previous one did.

Somehow, I have the filling that it will...

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