February 27, 2004

More Expenses on the Way

Now, I know that my 1995 Ford Taurus had a flaky transmission. I figure let me just drive it as is and see what happens. After all, about two months ago I paid $2,000 to fix the Grand Voyager’s transmission.

It is on this day that I am running late for work after having finished up all arrangements for my trip to MA.

As I am almost at the office...

Well, a wrecker later and a visit to my nearest Transmission Specialist.

It is a good thing that I am demo an application I will sell Zedasoft that at least should pay for my new DV camera.

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All systems are go!

I just received a confirmation notification by email from Erik Daskque for my attendance to the Mono Developer Open House.
Apparently, some of the Mono developers -- including Novell employees -- will be meeting each other face to face for the first time!

I am very exited. I have convince my wife that the out of pocket expense is totally worth it.

This just in!

Matt Gutierrez, my best friend here in Texas since 1999, is going to the event as well!

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February 25, 2004

The First Entry

This is my first entry after having just finished setting up Movable Type's Blog tool. I was thinking of doing crazy things, like setting the server's system clock back in time in order to make some enties that would have predated the installaion of the Blog service.

To my surprise, this system does provide for back dating entries.
Hmm, maybe we want to make a contribution to the makers of this fine system.

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