March 11, 2004

Mono and Linux is IT

I fanatically believe that Mono/Linux is it!

Today, I replied to a message on the [Mono-lit] that showed two important things:

  • Developers from a Windows culture have great expectations.

  • We (all of us who in a way or another benefits from the community effort), do not do enough to thank the volunteers that make all of these great advances possible.

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March 04, 2004

They get you at the Drive Thru

Well, its official, the new DV camera I brought with me to film the Mono event was stolen from my bags somewhere between DFW and Logan airport. I want it to take the bag with me on the plane, but NOOOOOO!
The lady said: "Sir, that bag is too big you have to check it in".

I replied: "But, it is not too big, Targus sold it to me with a sticker that says carry on friendly. Here I will show you" -- as I frantically and fruitlessly pushed it into the metal frame template they have to test for size.

It's like Joe Pesci said in Lethal Weapon 2 -- they Get you at the drive through.
NOTE: In the movie, Joe's character Leo Getz, spells "Get" with an FU on it.

So, I am checking my email from a hotel in Cambridge, and got an update form my co-worker Dan Garvin. It had to pieces of information:

  • The reorganization took place already and Paco is still by HEALTHvision.
  • The Quovadx training is not going to be which, lets me attend the "In Depth .NET Framework" training session that starts the day after I get back from Boston.

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