September 24, 2006

Departures and Arrivals

On September 23 of 1990 my baby brother Luis Gabriel Martinez a.k.a Gabo, died at age 17 as a result of a gun shot wound. This prompted a profound change in my life and the rest of my family. I still miss him very much.

With every birth in this world there is a new hope. My friends Jay and Kristina gave birth yesterday to a lovely baby girl they named Eleanor Brook Dugan. Congratulations!

I did manage to get into the US Air Force Reserves and have attended my first Unit Training Assembly (UTA). I am now waiting to attend Tech School so I am still doing a lot of physical training and practicing all other relevant military skills.

A lot of you commented on my previous blog entry. I truly appreciate ALL the comments left on that entry. Ramon Arroyo “Monche”, you are like brother and I am thankful for your candor.

I am very exited about the upcoming Mono Meeting over in Boston. Unless my name comes up to fulfill a Tech School seat, I should be able to make it to the Boston meeting.

As far as technical IT projects, I am trying to put together a few new installers (an Experimental Mono for Windows, and a couple of Gtk# for .NET ones). If all goes well, I plan to package MonoDevelop on the Experimental Installer. Daniel, I think I will be using GTK+ 2.8.18 and not 2.10 since I will be trying to match the GTK and GNOME found on SLED10.

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