January 29, 2007

The Latest Request

Today I received an email that made me pause. I receive that sort of email often enough but perhaps this one made me realize that a lot of folks don't understand the nature of my relationship with the Mono Community and the Novell corporation.

So, I have decided to share both the text of the email and my reply to it.

FROM: M. Bertozzi
TO: paco at mfcon dot com

Hi, I've seen here Mono and Gtk# 2.8 Release for Windows...

Gtk+ 2.10 is out since 07/03/06, so why Mono hasn't already a Gtk# 2.10 binary for windows?

Gtk 2.10 introduce many new features, and many project uses already it.
(Python with PyGtk as already the 2.10 support for windows)

Gtk# list have many request for 2.10 on windows. The latest is this:

We could have Mono Gtk# 2.10 release?


FROM: Paco Martinez
TO: M. Bertozzi

I guess your email could have begun thanking me for all the hard
unpaid work I have done on *all* of the Gtk# Installers for Win32 that I have provided since my first one -- over 3 years ago!

I have read the request on the mailing list and I agree that it would be a very nice addition. Did you read this one blog entry?


Since that entry was published, I have received a total of 1 donations and/or contributions. Unfortunately without the financial assistance, it is hard for me to keep donating the many, many hours of research, development and testing that it takes to produce one of the Gtk# Installers for .NET.

Thanks for asking and best regards,


I realized that in Open Source we give without expecting to receive. I hate to sound mercenary here -- specially when my blog is syndicated in various places -- but it may help to remember that if you feed the musicians the band will play longer ;)

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January 05, 2007

Off to Training Part I

Today, I head out to my US Air Force Reserve annual tour. I will be away from Internet connectivity for at least 17 days. I will see you all when I get back.

Daniel Morgan has been doing some very interesting things with Sql# GTK. His changes can be found on SVN (trunk/sqlsharpgtk). He should be the one giving you more details but I have been pretty exited about some additions to the application:

  • autotools build system -- this should facilitate realigning sqlsharpgtk under mono-tools (Paco's suggestion, hint, hint)

  • multiple result set handling -- Say you are connected to Sybase or MS SQL Server data source and you do something like exec sp_help tblCRM_FeedBack

Sybase Connection

SQL Server Connection

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