March 19, 2007

The Second Anniversary

This past Sunday, March 18, 2007, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram published a front-page article about a grieving father who lost his son in combat back in 2005. The author of the newspaper story is Chris Vaughn. Two years ago, Chris wrote the best newspaper report about the initial impact of Paquito's death in our family. I invite you to read Chris' latest work.


By now, I know that he is gone and not coming back to this earth. However, it has been nothing short of fantastic, to be given the opportunity to hang around many men and women that like him, hold a lot of promise, devotion and a sense of service before self.

I thank all of our supporters in the name of Mari, Mimi, Monica, Tita, Carmen, and Jean Ray.

As usual, feel free to leave your comments.

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