March 20, 2008

Three Years Later

I miss my son and best friend very much. I sometimes wonder what would people think if they knew all of the things I do to try to get close to him -- even after his departure from this earth.

I figure it would be a nice memorial to share a letter I received earlier this month.

Dear Sir:

My name is Stacy Walters. I work for the Transportation Security Administration in a small airport in Mississippi. A few months ago, after screening a flight, we found a bracelet with the name Spc Francisco G. Martinez inscribed on it. We put it up for save keeping thinking someone would claim it. No one ever called and so be honest, it was forgotten.

I was cleaning out our office a few days ago and ran across the bracelet once again. I decided to try to find the owner. I got on the computer and did a Google search for the name. That is when I became aware of the significance of this item. I read a couple of articles pertaining to the death of Spc Martinez and my heart was touched. I have a son that is a member of the Army National Guard who will soon be deployed. I am extremely proud of him, but at the same time, I am fearful for his safety. I'm sure you can understand.

There is little chance I will be able to find the actual owner of this bracelet, so I decided to send it to you along with this letter. I wanted you to know that at least one person was incredibly grateful for the sacrifices you, your son, and your entire family have given to fight for the freedom of our country. Thank you and may God bless you once and all.


Stacy Walters

Bracelet and Letter Image

I know that I have been very quiet this past 9 months or so. However, I am alive and well, training, studying and exercising to make sure I am at my best for my upcoming deployment to northern Iraq later this summer.

As a civilian citizen of the United States of America, I can't wait for all of our troops to come home. Later in November, I will vote to try to make that wish happen.

As a military member, I promise to do EVERYTHING in my power to make sure that I protect the lives of our sons, daughters, husbands, wifes and neighbors so that all will come home to their loved ones.

Lets us have all Americans present during the rebuilding efforts or our own nation.

God Bless you Mr. Walters and your son.

Thank you Mari, Monica, Mami, Tita, Christian, Ryan, Titi, Kevin, Jay, Monche, Garth, Gina, Chris, Matt (Gut), Dan G., Gonzalo, Paolo, Jackson, Miguel, Sebastien, Niel, Joseph, C.J., SMSgt Carreon, Mirella, Adam Farmer, Harry B., PFC Johnson, Pedro, Angel and so many others that over the years support me and keep me strong and motivated.

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